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Creating Your Own Color Schemer

It is very easy for designers to lose inspiration after they’ve exhausted many ideas. They want to see something new. Typical layouts become trivial and too common. Many color combinations seem plain and boring. In order to remedy this problem, a color schemer may be created.

By a color schemer, we do not mean a full fledged, scientifically proven generator. There is a very simple way to obtain new and exciting colors: randomness. Using JavaScript and HTML, it is possible to create a random color generator which can be very helpful in finding new inspiration.

Generating random colors? It may not sound too interesting. These were exactly our thoughts. On the contrary, once we experienced such a generator for ourselves, examining new color combinations became easy and fun. Looking at the bad colors that were produced gave us some entertainment.

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Poll: What are your feelings about Lateral Code?

Throughout our history, we have written about many CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP topics. In order to obtain input from you, our visitors, we would like to have a poll.

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Theme: Touches of Spring

Another Free Theme today, something I’ve been sitting on for a long while now. I call it Touches of Spring.

Right now, we have a hard code copy available, but versions for WordPress and Habari should be up before long.

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Free New Theme: Pure Royalty

Today we are releasing another free theme. It’s called Pure Royalty.

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30 Poor Color Combinations

Web designers may choose poor color combinations while producing a site. In order to prevent such calamities (and to have some fun), we present 30 such mixtures that should not be used:

  1. #E96AAE on #27AC1F
  2. #934638 on #3426FE
  3. #18A4C7 on #D97B9C

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