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Slideshow Styling

As many of you have probably noticed, the “Slideshow Series” contains little to no CSS styling. Soon after completing my previous post, I realized that some major work needs to be done to improve the general appearance of the show; indeed, many only view a slideshow because it looks good!

Follow along as I present an intricate (yet easy to code) slideshow styling.

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Reading directories in sequence in PHP

In a previous article, kab noted that when he read files using the readdir function in PHP, it would not read in a sequence (eg. 2182.JPG is followed by 2183.JPG, 2184.JPG, 2190.JPG etc.), but rather quite randomly.

The fact is, on certain web servers, such as the one that Lateral Code runs on, readdir reads in sequential order, while many others do not. If you’re on a web server that does not read in sequential order, there is a very simple fix you can do.

directory listing

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Text replacement with Cufón

For a very long time, the web was filled with very plain fonts.

Unpleased with this lack of variety, a group of developers invented sIFR, which used Javascript and Flash to replace boring text with lively fonts. But sIFR had a problem: not everyone liked or used Flash. It was also slow.

Then, David Chester created typeface.js. typeface.js was brilliant in that it was purely Javascript, with no Flash involved. But typeface.js was slow to load and required large files.

And most recently from Simo Kinnunen came cufón, which we will look at here.

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Slideshow With Buttons

Previously, I presented a simple slideshow to enhance the user’s experience. To add some extra features and “buff” up this technique, follow along as I create a slideshow with buttons.

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Take a Step Back

All of the features used in this post will strongly rely on the ones previously presented. Please take a minute to look back at the previous slideshow post so that you are not completely lost. It is assumed that you know the HTML setup from the previous post.

Remember to setup a slideshow using an unordered list:

<ul class="ppt">
	<li><img src="somePhoto.jpg" alt="Your photo description"></img></li>
	<li><img src="someOtherPhoto.jpg" alt="Your other photo description"></img></li>

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Simple PHP Gallery Pagination

In my previous article, Create a Simple Picture Gallery using PHP, KDM dropped me a nice comment about adding pagination.

In order to satisfy his needs (and our own), this post will present simple PHP gallery pagination. If you haven’t read the previous article, please refer back to it.


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