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Dacorbi Pattern Search

This is an introduction to Dacorbi Pattern Search, a product created by Daniel Corbier. He has written the following article to present a common problem and his innovative solution.

Many people are accustomed to using regular expressions for performing advanced searches. However, regex patterns can get complicated, especially for searching through XML or HTML code. Dacorbi Pattern Search offers a much easier approach. The interactive tutorial that comes with the download covers many techniques. However, you can start performing advanced searches right away just by using a combination of pattern variables (denoted by curly braces) combined with literal text. For instance, in the example below, a search for the Contact_Info element block of code is performed on some XML code:

Code Search

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12 Brilliant CSS Frameworks

CSS Frameworks are extremely helpful and time-saving. When you are making a website, do you really want to spend a bunch of time figuring out positions and making print stylesheets? CSS Frameworks save you time on everything from resetting styles to common things that Internet Explorer break again and again.

1. blueprint


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20 Amazing JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Libraries are vital when using animation, special effects, or complex structures. Though there are ways to accomplish tasks without them, they clearly reduce code time and provide efficient algorithms. Who could resist writing a single line of code instead of twenty?


In this article, we present 20 Amazing JavaScript libraries that let you traverse HTML, create graphs, apply rounded corners, and so much more. Each of these libraries is hand-picked by Lateral Code to provide you a better coding experience. Without further ado, let’s begin:

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10 Great Minimalist WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the preferred choices for bloggers today due to its simplicity and features. Users may customize their site up to the last pixel. They can choose themes, add plugins, create polls, organize posts, and so much more. It is no wonder why WordPress is the most used blog software.


In this article, we will present 10 great minimalist WordPress themes. Minimalistic designs not only look pleasing, but they also provide visitors with short download times. Because these themes use few distracting images, users can really focus on the content itself.

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5 Solid CSS List Posts

CSS is arguably the second most important element in modern web development, with the first being HTML. After all, without CSS, HTML would just be unformatted and hard-to-read. Therefore, it is always good to know more CSS Tricks and Techniques. Thus, I present to you 5 very solid CSS List Posts.


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