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Effects with jQuery 1.3

This Chapter has been extracted from Packt’s latest book “Learning jQuery 1.3”:

Learning jQuery 1.3

With jQuery, we can easily add impact to our actions through a set of simple visual effects, and even craft our own, more sophisticated animations. jQuery effects certainly add flair, as is evident when we see elements gradually slide into view instead of appearing all at once. However, they can also provide important usability enhancements that help orient the user when there is some change on a page (especially common in AJAX applications). In this chapter, readers will explore a number of these effects and combine them in interesting ways.

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Introducing PQLite – PHP Query Lite

A few weeks ago, I created a free PHP library for traversing (X)HTML documents: PQLite (PHP Query Lite). In this article, I will present a few key features of PQLite and how easy it is to use.


Before I begin, what does it truly mean to traverse an (X)HTML document?

  • Being able to sift through HTML to find certain tags
  • Applying the same concept to CSS selectors (classes, ids, etc.)
  • Modifying these tags by changing their text and/or attributes
  • Accessing special tags (odd, even, first child, last child, children of a parent tag) with simple functions

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