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Tips on Styling Online Content

On the Internet, content is king. Content is what puts you on search engines like Google and Bing. Content is what brings readers to your site. Words, words, and more words structured into coherent, meaningful phrases.

But have you ever stopped and considered how you are presenting your content? What use is your content if you have it set at at 6pt font with no visible paragraphs? No one will read it if you don’t make it readable.

Here are a few tips on improving the presentation of your online content:

#1 – Line Length

Human eyes are conditioned towards reading lines of certain length, of between 40-80 words per line in print, and between 60-100 online. If you ever pick up a textbook or a newspaper, you will notice that they often print in columns. This is because it reduces the number of characters, thus making it easier for the readers to read.

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7 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Freelance Designer

Chris Reynolds of Web Hosting Search submits this guest article about successful Freelance Designing.

It can be risky to work as a freelancer. However, while the possibility of late payments, lack of work and other challenges can put you off from becoming a freelancer, there are also some great benefits to becoming your own boss. Here are seven tips to keep you successful in your freelance endeavors.

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Screencast: URL Shortening

In the past few years, Twitter has grown to be a great form of communication. As it becomes more and more popular, users want to post URLs to attract visitors to their site. Consequently, the demand for URL shorteners increases.

Although you can easily generate a short url from or, wouldn’t it be better to send traffic through your own website? This will not only let you track statistics, but it also increases your ranking in systems like Alexa.

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Thanks to the Lateral Code Sponsors

Today we would like to give a big thanks to all of our sponsors for keeping Lateral Code up and running. Although we haven’t been able to write often in the past month due to certain complications, these advertisers still considered and chose Lateral Code. We hope to be of even greater value to them in the near future with content-rich articles:

xhtmlchop – PSD to XHTML conversions for only $45 – If you need to a photoshop theme conversion, consider xhtmlchop as a viable solution.

jsmag – JavaScript magazine that offers in-demand content – Consider purchasing this to hone your JavaScript skills.

Thanks again and we hope you will continue to choose Lateral Code.

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Learning jQuery 1.3 Review

A few weeks ago, the Packt Publishing team generously sent me a copy of Learning jQuery 1.3, one of their premiere tutorial books, to review here on Lateral Code.

While reading this jQuery publication, I was very surprised by the comprehensiveness provided by the authors. Many books regarding systematic subjects often require a baseline knowledge to convey their information appropriately. Learning jQuery 1.3 presents a solution for both complete beginners and experienced users. It covers simple jQuery topics – including the DOM, selectors, and basic functions – while still giving advanced users the viable alternative to move to later chapters. In fact, the book’s sections are based completely on a building process: Rather than covering topics that have little to no relevance in each chapter, Learning jQuery 1.3 smoothly transitions into new subjects, giving the reader an efficient way to learn and develop.

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