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Need more organization? Make a template-focused site! – Part 1

Have you ever had to deal with a sloppy site? Maybe it was when you were working with a client. Or could it be your own site, which you formatted poorly because of inexperience? Regardless, there is a simple yet efficient way to make your site based completely off a template. All it requires is a bit of htaccess and some PHP.


Time for some incentive

This will be a multi-part tutorial in which we explain how to completely transform your site into an organized beast. Today’s section will focus on a few lines of .htaccess that you will soon come to love. But, before we begin, let’s go over a few advantages and some incentive for creating a template-focused site.

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Thanks to Our Sponsors

We would like to take some time to praise our sponsors located in the sidebar. These people keep Lateral Code up and running! We do our best to provide quality articles in order to make their investments worth it.


Here are our current advertisers:

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Thanks again and we hope that you will continue to choose Lateral Code.

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How to easily create top navigation with CSS

Navigation is a vital part of all websites. Visitors must have ways to traverse through pages to find what they need. Top navigation is a specific style in which links are placed at the top of a website. In this tutorial, we will explore the creation of a pure CSS top navigation.

Note: This article is for CSS beginners!


What makes top navigation so special?

When a user first visits a site, they immediately see the top half of a web page. For a quick fact, this half is known as the area above the fold.

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