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CSS3 in IE using cssSandpaper

A few months back, I wrote an article about Giving Elements Cool Effects Using CSS3. One of the major disappointments at the time of the writing of that article was a lack of support. Back then, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and variants supported all effects, with Opera 10.5 slated to support them.

Now, Opera 10.5 has been released, and a wide variety of browsers support these effects, with the exception of Internet Explorer, which we all know will not support things like that natively for a while.

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Dealing With Downtime

No one likes it when their website suddenly goes down. Whether it’s their own site or a site they run for another person, downtime causes many problems.

First of all, websites are a very important way of communication nowadays. A downed website means that a business can no longer communicate with those whom it needs to. Second of all, it provides no end of stress for both those who visit the website and those who maintain it.

But downtime is an unavoidable part of a website’s life, so we need some ways of dealing with it.

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