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Free WordPress Theme: Easy View

Lateral Code would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! As a gift to you, we are releasing a free wordpress theme. It’s called Easy View. Here is a quick screenshot:

Easy View - A Free WordPress Theme

Easy View - A Free WordPress Theme

You may view a demo of the theme or download the files.


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5 Responses to “Free WordPress Theme: Easy View”

  1. Jason says:


    I love your easy view theme! It looks clean, crisp, professional, and uncluttered, and I love it. I am looking to possibly use it on two sites I am working on. On the one it looks great, however on the other for which I have pages with children pages, it doesn’t end up looking right because of the way it handles the children pages. I am wondering if you have any suggestions of how I could handle having children pages under the main pages? What it did on the site is that it made a really big long box around the box for the parent page and then on the other side of the box was the child page. So I didn’t know if you suggest me doing the children pages a different away? For example I would like to have an about page, and then sub topics that can be accessed to learn more specifically about that topic, etc. Thank you very much! Also it looks like you have some interesting and informal messages on your blog here. I didn’t really care before about typography, but I really like your attention to detail, as I am impressed how well an all text page looks in your Easy View theme. It looks really nice. Also the look of your blog looks real nice too!

    Thank you- Jason

  2. @Jason: Thank you for your generous comments! I would love to solve your problem. Unfortunately, I’m not fully aware of what the situation is. In order to elucidate this problem, could you show me a screenshot or live example of the page you are having trouble with? Feel free to post it in a comment or e-mail it to me. The mailing information may be found on the contact page.

  3. Jason says:

    Hello Karthik,

    Thank you for the quick reply. The website is at The only thing I have done to your theme is I renamed the file rss.png and the post-top image as well as they don’t really work for the website, I do not imagine that this is the problem, but figured I should let you know abou it.
    Thank you very much – jason

  4. Jason says:

    So is this theme in the public domain then? I want to make sure its okay for me to modify it etc. Thank you :) – jason

  5. Jason, the theme is not in the public domain, but you are free to modify it. As with all wordpress themes, it is released under a GPL license. :)

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