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Use the new Google Maps API! Part 2

A few days ago, our experiments with the Google Maps API resulted in static images of various locations. Today, these same experiments will continue in a new medium: JavaScript. As we expand our knowledge of the API, we’ll cover the creation of a dynamic map, fully equipped with both movement and zooming.


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Working with Addresses? Use the new Google Maps API!

Would you like to travel to Paris? Maybe Singapore? How about Hawaii? Many people love to travel to discover new places, meet family, or just have a great time. In order to get from place to place, they often use maps. Indeed, maps are a vital part of traveling, providing directions to new, exciting locations.


With the new technology age, maps have moved from tangible paper to the virtual world, allowing anyone to access them with a simple visit to Google Maps. More importantly, with the new Google Maps API Version 3, it’s simple to integrate these maps into any website.

In the following article, I’ll be explaining how to get started with the new API and embrace the technology from the folks at Google.

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Elegant jQuery Slideshow Plugin: Lateral Slider

Let’s start with the defintion:

Slider – The easiest known way to showcase your images and photos on the web in style.

Who can deny it? This is the generation of web 2.0 sliders. A few JavaScript files, some CSS, and a bit of markup is all you need to generate an elegant showcase of your images. Best part? 99% of it is done for you.

Lateral Slider

Well, that’s the ideal situation. Unfortunately, it’s often times much more complicated. That’s why I created Lateral Slider.

View the DemoPurchase it from CodeCanyon

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Simple Snippet: Generate the DZone Button with PHP (Save HTTP Requests!)

The folks at DZone provide a great way for developers to share links in one, concentrated area. URLs which rank highly in their system (those that receive many “up” votes) often get quite a bit of traffic. As a result, many developers use the DZone button to provide their visitors a way to rate articles directly from their own website.


Do you use the DZone button on your website? If not, you should definitely consider it. Unfortunately, each one of these buttons requires the inclusion of a JavaScript file, which adds an HTTP request (and thus slows down the page). With some quick studying of the included JavaScript, it’s possible (not to mention quite easy) to generate this same button with only PHP, thus saving a request.

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Simple Snippet: Backup your Files through SSH

Today we’re introducing a new type of post at Lateral Code: the simple snippet. These articles are meant to provide you with concise, meaningful snippets of code for use on your website. To kickoff off the simple snippet, we begin with an important topic for any site: backups.

Have you ever lost important files? If you have, you know the importance of keeping backups.


Backups could mean the difference between life and death for your site. It’s vital to constantly generate backups and even store them on a remote machine in order to ensure full protection. All it takes is a determined attacker to possibly corrupt all of your files. As a result, this simple snippet is focused on getting you started with the backup process.

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