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How to easily create top navigation with CSS

Navigation is a vital part of all websites. Visitors must have ways to traverse through pages to find what they need. Top navigation is a specific style in which links are placed at the top of a website. In this tutorial, we will explore the creation of a pure CSS top navigation.

Note: This article is for CSS beginners!


What makes top navigation so special?

When a user first visits a site, they immediately see the top half of a web page. For a quick fact, this half is known as the area above the fold.

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The End of An Era

Dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes to beloved Geocities.


Geocities started off in 1995, giving users the ability to create their own personal homepages. By 1999, Geocities was the third most visited website on the web, mostly due to its personalized homepages. In January of that year, Yahoo! acquired Geocities. A decade later, Yahoo! announced that they would be axing Geocities today, the 26th of October.

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Lateral Cache: Now you too can have a well organized cache without the work!

In the past few weeks, I have seen many posts addressing the concept of caching. Although it may seem trivial to implement and easy to maintain for some web designers, it is certainly not something everyone is familiar with.

Problem and Solution

The large amount of tutorials have also aroused many different ways to cache. Knowing which ones work effectively can indeed lead to problems. To solve these issues, I spent some time creating a small PHP library, called Lateral Cache, that enables you to have a well organized and sturdy cache with almost no work.

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Screencast: Discover Search Suggest with the jQuery Autocomplete Plugin

Have you ever wondered how to implement a search suggest feature on your website? Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a very simple task.

In the following 5 minute (yes, it only takes 5 minutes) screencast, we present a way to discover search suggest with the jQuery Autocomplete Plugin.

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