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Poll: What are your feelings about Lateral Code?

Throughout our history, we have written about many CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP topics. In order to obtain input from you, our visitors, we would like to have a poll.

Post a comment to this post to make your ideas known!

  1. What topics have you enjoyed reading on our site? We can create similar posts to satisfy your interests.
  2. Do you have any ideas for future writings? This can spark new ideas in us!
  3. Are any web-related questions baffling you? If so, give us a chance to answer them!
  4. How do you feel about the current site? Is it up to your standards? We don’t mind making changes!

Answering these questions or just expressing feelings will help us better understand what you are looking for. Please drop us a comment with feedback. Thank you!

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3 Responses to “Poll: What are your feelings about Lateral Code?”

  1. Abhilash SR says:

    Usually i was en routed to your site when i come across YU related issues and for new YUI findings :-) . I am WEB APP software engineer .Usually i come across an issue in which there is a drop down or select box . It contains very large values ,i.e we cant increase the width of the drop down according to the length of the value . Is there any way to show the select box text as tool tip when user moves the mouse over down the list

  1. Adding Tooltips to Option Tags

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