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Tips on Styling Online Content

On the Internet, content is king. Content is what puts you on search engines like Google and Bing. Content is what brings readers to your site. Words, words, and more words structured into coherent, meaningful phrases.

But have you ever stopped and considered how you are presenting your content? What use is your content if you have it set at at 6pt font with no visible paragraphs? No one will read it if you don’t make it readable.

Here are a few tips on improving the presentation of your online content:

#1 – Line Length

Human eyes are conditioned towards reading lines of certain length, of between 40-80 words per line in print, and between 60-100 online. If you ever pick up a textbook or a newspaper, you will notice that they often print in columns. This is because it reduces the number of characters, thus making it easier for the readers to read.

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10 Great Minimalist WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the preferred choices for bloggers today due to its simplicity and features. Users may customize their site up to the last pixel. They can choose themes, add plugins, create polls, organize posts, and so much more. It is no wonder why WordPress is the most used blog software.


In this article, we will present 10 great minimalist WordPress themes. Minimalistic designs not only look pleasing, but they also provide visitors with short download times. Because these themes use few distracting images, users can really focus on the content itself.

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Popular Twitter Links

Many of you may have noticed our Popular Twitter Links section on our homepage. It is a new feature we’ve recently added.

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10 Useful Image Repositories

The perfect image is not always easy to come by when trying to design a site. High resolution graphics without watermarks are especially hard to find for free so we have listed some free stock sites below:

Stock.xchng – This site holds thousands of photos which are accessible after signing up for a free account.  Stock.xchng also includes a fairly large tutorial section which is available without an account.  

Stock Vault – Stock Vault is easy to use and has many useful additions including articles, links, blogs, and tutorials.  Not only that, but it acutally has a decent design.  Cheers to Stock Vault!

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30 Poor Color Combinations

Web designers may choose poor color combinations while producing a site. In order to prevent such calamities (and to have some fun), we present 30 such mixtures that should not be used:

  1. #E96AAE on #27AC1F
  2. #934638 on #3426FE
  3. #18A4C7 on #D97B9C

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