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The Importance of Colors and Contrast

Recently I worked on a design for a non-profit organization. They gave me a site they wanted to imitate, so I got to work. They loved my work, except for one problem – they couldn’t read the links on the right menu.

I’d never actually met these people before I got to work, and it turned out they were a bit advanced in their years, and their eyes weren’t what they used to be. Even though I’m nearsighted, I can see pretty well in low contrasts, so I didn’t take this into consideration.

Further complicating this problem is that colors my laptop look different from colors on most other monitors.

I had used a background of #8CCCFA, a light blue color, with #FFFFFF, full white text. This is what it looks like:

This is #FFFFFF on #8CCCFA.

Can you see the text? Yes? Go ahead and turn down the contrast on your monitor. Once you get down to maybe 50% of what you had before, can you still see it? Probably not.

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