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Easily Combine JavaScript Files With JMerge

Looking back at the 2009 year, it is evident that JavaScript has played a big role in web design. Using libraries such as jQuery and MooTools, one can easily apply advanced effects with ease. Indeed, JavaScript is now present on almost every website.

JavaScript Growth

With the rise of this new beast comes a few issues. The biggest libraries out there aren’t too small in terms of code size. Each one can add significantly to load time even when minified. Another problem resides with extra HTTP requests; each new file is accompanied by an extra request. Ultimately, this once again leads directly to a larger wait for users.

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Screencast: Discover Search Suggest with the jQuery Autocomplete Plugin

Have you ever wondered how to implement a search suggest feature on your website? Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a very simple task.

In the following 5 minute (yes, it only takes 5 minutes) screencast, we present a way to discover search suggest with the jQuery Autocomplete Plugin.

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Object Oriented Programming in Javascript

Object-Oriented Programming is currently one of the most prominent aspects of programming. Many programming courses teach OOP, and PHP5 supports proper OOP. While Javascript as a language is not inherently well-suited for full fledged OOP, it is possible to make it work.

Here is a basic primer in using OOP in Javascript.


Methods vs Objects

In Javascript, both general methods and objects are defined using the function keyword. For example, the method and the object definitions below are both denoted by function.

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Learning jQuery 1.3 Review

A few weeks ago, the Packt Publishing team generously sent me a copy of Learning jQuery 1.3, one of their premiere tutorial books, to review here on Lateral Code.

While reading this jQuery publication, I was very surprised by the comprehensiveness provided by the authors. Many books regarding systematic subjects often require a baseline knowledge to convey their information appropriately. Learning jQuery 1.3 presents a solution for both complete beginners and experienced users. It covers simple jQuery topics – including the DOM, selectors, and basic functions – while still giving advanced users the viable alternative to move to later chapters. In fact, the book’s sections are based completely on a building process: Rather than covering topics that have little to no relevance in each chapter, Learning jQuery 1.3 smoothly transitions into new subjects, giving the reader an efficient way to learn and develop.

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Effects with jQuery 1.3

This Chapter has been extracted from Packt’s latest book “Learning jQuery 1.3”:

Learning jQuery 1.3

With jQuery, we can easily add impact to our actions through a set of simple visual effects, and even craft our own, more sophisticated animations. jQuery effects certainly add flair, as is evident when we see elements gradually slide into view instead of appearing all at once. However, they can also provide important usability enhancements that help orient the user when there is some change on a page (especially common in AJAX applications). In this chapter, readers will explore a number of these effects and combine them in interesting ways.

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