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Automated Uptime Verification

If you have ever administered a website, you know that downtime is unavoidable. Creating a system to automatically check if your website is up can help deal with downtime and provide a better user experience. Doing so is quite simple if you have the following tools available:

Automated Uptime Verification

  • A web server other that that on which the website is hosted
  • Cron (if you do not have this, you can use an online service)
  • PHP with libcurl support
  • PHP with mail support (optional)

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Creating A Random String With PHP

There comes a time when you need to create a random String. It might be for a verification code, a complex password, or something you are developing. You might think that its a boring and manual process. Luckily, this is not true.

Below we present a simple way to create random Strings using PHP. All you need is one function with a few lines of code. Let’s begin…

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Regular Expressions

How many times have you had to dig through a long, confusing string for information? This has been a common problem for years. What’s the solution? Regular expressions.

What are regular expressions? Well..

Long And Complex Regular Expression

Now that you’ve seen that… guess why so many people do NOT program in Perl? :(

To put it very simply, regular expressions are strings that search for patterns. Patterns can be a few letters or enormous strings with many wild cards. In this tutorial, I will outline some basics of regular expressions (also known as regexes).

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Google Adsense With WordPress

Throughout my website career, I’ve found google adsense to be a very effective method to earn income. Even though it may not be the best for every site, it certainly has an ingenious method of displaying ads.

Unfortunately, WordPress users may have a tough time implementing google adsense without a plugin. For those of you who love to do it yourself, here is a simple way to place adsense on your own WordPress blog.

Google Adsense

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Using Load Icons

Imagine a situation in which you enter a new site. The content you are desperately searching for doesn’t seem to be loading. You don’t know whether something is actually loading, or if it is just not there. You finally decide to exit the page.

This situation can be very typical when websites generally need large files to be downloaded. In order to combat such a situation, a load icon may be used to signify that something is loading.

In this simple tutorial, I will take you through the usage of one of these icons in your own website.

Load Icon

View a Demo Download the Files

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